March 29th is national Mermaid Day! For All of March, Get 2-4-1 Fishy Brushes
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2020 Lipstick

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Inspired by the beauty of the ocean.

In a vast underwater wonderland, mermaids and majestic creatures enjoy colorful lives.
We decided to create a unique selection of ocean-safe, waterproof and cruelty free beauty products designed to make you look and feel gorgeous.
Dive into our splash-tastic world! 


“Emily Alexandra Cosmetics (is) a fun and ocean-friendly label that has become the it factor of the season” – Elite Beauty News

“The new standard in consumer beauty products” – The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

“The product line’s color palette, like Emily’s personality, is unflinchingly bold” – Maxim

“A fine selection of hypoallergenic and ocean safe cosmetics” – The Influential

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