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About the Products

Mermaid & Unicorn Inspired

We craft our collection with love, inspired by performance artists from Key West buskers to Cirque du Soleil. Inspired by the creative evolution of the mermaid and unicorn movement on social media, we thrive on helping playful beauties share their love of wild color, sparkle, shimmer. Professional makeup artists are the true experts, and they tend to keep their trade secrets safely hidden. Until now. At Emily Alexandra Cosmetics, we’ve tapped the top insider insight from theatre makeup artists and seamlessly channeled it into a highly wearable, customizable line for mermaids to bring their fantasy forward into the world. As a social media savvy brand, our bold pigments are designed to pop in both still photography and video capture.


Think you are vegan beauty savvy because you drop into Sephora as much as you do Whole Foods? Guess again, many vegan products still contain trace amounts of harsh chemicals. Our line is beautifully breathable, you won’t break ethics or break out as a result of wearing Emily Alexandra Cosmetics. As long as you follow proper removal protocols – gentle cleanse before you go to bed, you’ll wake up your usual unicorn self. Vegan cosmetics are better suited for sensitive skin in terms of performance, considered superior as they often have less ingredients at higher, more effective concentrations. By choosing Emily Alexandra, you avoid unappealing animal by-products from touching your delicate skin.


For many devotees of advancements in natural wellness, sourcing ethical products that deliver on efficacy can be challenging. For those that make this a priority, rest assured that Emily Alexandra is committed to delivering high impact looks with cruelty-free products. Mindful consumers concerned with the welfare of animals are shopping savvy, committed to their cruelty-free stance. In the golden age of plant-based nutrition, we know that for many of our clientele, ‘not tested on animals’ is a vital feature when selecting cosmetics. While most cruelty-free, vegan lines veer towards earth tones like sand, beetroot and turmeric, here at Emily Alexandra we celebrate otherworldly colors. Our YOUnicorn on the Go palette has been a smash hit, featuring sensational shades of silver, ultraviolet and aquatic turquoise.


Most waterproof formulations currently on the market fail the all-important bendability test. A significant achievement of Emily Alexandra Cosmetics formulations is the ability to blend colors to contour precise facial features, adding intensity to base tones for luminous drama. Our unique waterproof Rainbow Mascara ranges in shades from Siren Blue to Fairy Red; these truly game changing “magic wands” are beloved by professional makeup artists working live shows, music festivals and fashion presentations. Stay tuned to our site for tips on how to blend like a pro with our cool mermaid and unicorn brush sets – definite key to achieving a flawless, photo finish look.


As The American Mermaid and founder of SupportingWater.org, Emily Alexandra strives to set new standards in clean water initiatives, safeguarding our marine habitat. A proud Florida based company, we are ocean lovers at our core. Personal care products are responsible for 3 million tons of waste contaminating the ocean globally each year. Our collection is not only ocean-safe, it’s ocean inspired! Our light formulas are developed to be layered for a dazzling array of hypnotic effects, in a variety of distinct finishes. It’s also highly breathable, so you can even rock it on the sweatiest of humid summer days!

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